Mobile Vet Surgery

Serving Pet Owners Across Central Ohio


On the Spot strives to be an extension of your primary veterinary. With the cost of referral animal hospitals on the rise, we partner with veterinarians across central Ohio to provide elective orthopedic surgeries and soft tissue procedures at an affordable cost and in the environment you and your pet are most comfortable. 

  • Pet ACL/CCL Injuries
    • TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) Surgery for Dogs
    • Lateral Suture Correction for smaller dogs
  • Luxating Patella Corrections
  • Various Soft Tissue Surgeries for dogs and cats

Our Mission

Affordable Orthopedic Pet Surgery

Our goal is to provide general veterinarians and pet owners an affordable, trustworthy option when it comes to elective orthopedic procedures for their beloved pets. 

Our team goes where you're most comfortable – to your veterinarian’s office – to perform surgeries such as canine tibial plateau leveling osteotomies to correct ACL/CCL injuries in dogs, luxating patella (knee caps) corrections, and various soft tissue procedures, all at affordable prices.


Meet Our Team

Dr. Jimmy Reynolds, DVM

Dr. Jimmy Reynolds, DVM


Dr. Reynolds graduated from The Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2014 after completing his undergraduate studies with a bachelor's degree in Animal Science from The Ohio State University in 2010.
Dr. Reynolds has extensive experience in both emergency and surgical services, as well as providing general veterinary care. Prior to starting On the Spot Veterinary Surgeons, Dr. Reynolds was a veterinary surgeon at a local practice, providing more than 100 orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries per year, while also providing primary and ongoing care services for pet families. Dr. Reynolds also spent several years working for two separate emergency pet hospitals in Columbus, Ohio. His passion for providing quality, affordable surgical services for pets, married with his understanding and compassion for the importance of having a trusted family vet inspired what is now On the Spot Veterinary Surgeons.
When he is not caring for others' pets, Dr. Reynolds enjoys spending time with his wife, three two-legged children and one four-legged child. Dr. Reynolds loves spending time outdoors mountain biking, fly fishing and hiking.
- To raise three kind, caring, smart children in a loving home with his wonderful wife - To treat each pet he cares for as if it were his own while providing exceptional veterinary care at an affordable and accessible cost



Terri (aka Motha Teresa) formed a special bond with the On The Spot Team when Dr. Reynolds committed to surgically repair her kitty’s leg that no other orthopedic surgeon would touch. She knew she could bring her non-traditional management style to a veterinary business that is full of empathy, compassion, and deep motivation to help hurting pets who otherwise may not receive care. Empowering the On The Spot team and supporting partnering veterinary hospitals is exactly what Terri does best, with as much grace as God can give her.
After earning her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Mount Union, Terri completed a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Public Health from The Ohio State University. Since then, she has studied Veterinary Practice Management and now holds a certificate in Veterinary Business Leadership through the NAVC. With an interest in hands-on healing for pets and their people, Terri is a Certified Reiki Practitioner for both pets and humans.
Pursuing her long-time love for animals and their people, Terri began vet assisting during college breaks near her hometown of Newcomerstown, Ohio. She learned additional hands-on animal care skills of various species as an animal caretaker in the Mount Union Biology department. During graduate school at OSU, she was employed as a kennel worker and then thrived in the role as a client care specialist at several veterinary hospitals. With a short stint of teaching Human Anatomy & Physiology at the college level, she settled in the small village of Shawnee Hills and begin her career as a Practice Manager at a small veterinary general practice in 2012. She attributes her ‘ready to serve’ nature to her faith in God and from the example of her hard-working parents.
On her way to becoming a crazy cat lady, Terri & husband Mark share their home with 2 long-hair cats, Nellie & Samson. She and her husband rescued a California Alligator Lizard from their front yard, dubbed the name of Spanky. Terri loves unwinding with a good movie, sitting by the fire on the perfect fall night and will never turn down the chance to spend time relaxing outdoors, taking in all the energy of this beautiful earth in anything and everything related to water. With her life-long history of playing piano in the church, Terri enjoys sharing her musical talents during the holidays or on special occasions.
Terri has a special interest in music therapy for animals and will continue studying alternative healing therapies for pets. Any added therapeutic service to pets and their people will greatly benefit patient care and staff investment at On The Spot. After settling into the management role at On The Spot, Terri hopes to bring a new service to the team by providing support, training and veterinary management consulting to each location On The Spot travels to.



Loyal, kind and full-of-life, Kristin brings a little bit of sweetness and a whole lot of passion to the team at On The Spot! As the Scheduling & Communications Coordinator, Kristin loves the unique aspect of a mobile veterinary surgical team which affords her the opportunity to form close relationships with both veterinary hospital staff and pet parents. There is nothing more rewarding to Kristin than to be the point of contact from start to finish for the surgical care of furry families.
Kristin began her educational career at Marion Technical College studying Medical Assisting in anticipation of working in the human medical field. While preparing for her clinical semester, her interest peaked in the veterinary field. She was challenged to make a monumental decision to redirect her talents into a new career path taking care of pets and their people. She chose to take the risk and began her hands-on training as a Veterinary Assistant at a small veterinary general practice. Kristin has taken a special interest in the precious relationship between pets and their people and is in process of completing her Human-Animal Bond Certification!
Kristin followed her God-given desire to serve in the veterinary field for nearly a decade. She was first trained as a veterinary assistant with hands-on experience in wellness, medical and surgical care of pets and then pursued several years of client care and veterinary practice management.
Born and raised in a little town called Green Camp, Ohio, Kristin met her fun-loving husband, Matt, at 15 years of age and the two were married shortly out of high school. Kristin was a stay-at-home mom with her girls Cassidy & Bella while they slowly collected a pack of rescued fur babies! Their family enjoys spending time with Kenzie (Chiweenie), Nora Jane (Chihuahua), and their two playful felines Theodore Roosevelt and Rema Lema. Kristin spends quality time reading in her book nook, friend/family game night at their peaceful abode in Marysville and serving on the worship team at Marysville Grace. You can catch Kristin and her family kayaking in the reservoir in Marysville!
When Kristin transitioned to employment with On The Spot, she was ecstatic to accept the opportunity as the Scheduling & Communications Coordinator knowing her personal and career goals would be possible. She enjoys time on the road working with the team as well as being able to spend time at home working in the vicinity of her family. In her own words, “For me personally, there is no other job out there that is more rewarding than serving our clients, our patients, and fellow veterinary colleagues. I want to provide the absolute best possible service that I can, it is my goal.”
James, RVT

James, RVT


Our very own “MacGyver”, James is an infinite pool of resourcefulness. He committed to building a non-traditional business in 2019 as Dr. Reynold’s right-hand man and filling a huge need in the veterinary field with a mobile surgery team. He jumped at the opportunity to join a small, family-oriented team as he was getting the best of all his interests – the veterinary medical community, problem-solving, and long-time servant heart for helping pets and their people.
Being the humble natured person he is, James is not one to display certifications or titles. Just know that he is one of the most talented veterinary technicians we have come across in terms of his skill set and compassion. Nearing a decade of experience, rest assured with his education and experience he will take only the very best care of you and your pets.
What drew James to the veterinary field? Growing up with an older pet was challenging for him in the best way. His first dog, Prancer, was the sweetest companion and taught him the value of the human-animal-bond. His childhood feline, “Kitty”, battled many ailments where James provided much needed TLC and helped keep her comfortable and happy until she crossed rainbow bridge. What sticks out in his mind the most, though, is a Dalmatian puppy named Spot who broke his leg. He was so nervous and scared that he would pee when you looked at him. From that moment on, James committed to providing a positive experience for all pets in whatever capacity that he could.  As life would have it, James met Dr. Reynolds in a general practice and together they joined forces to build a business of fixing legs for all creatures great and small. His years of experience in general practice in the veterinary field ultimately set him up for success with On The Spot, connecting with pet parents and helping lame pets run freely to their families again!
Born and raised in Gahanna and a graduate from the Tree of Life Christian School, James and his family now reside in Lewis Center. He was raised by parents involved in Christian Ministry that taught him what it means to have a true servant’s heart. One of four children, his twin sister describes James as, “inventive, loyal, and never satisfied with mediocrity”. You can catch James gardening, unwinding with friends and family, and spending as much time on the water as possible. He enjoys taking on “do-it-yourself” projects in his spare time, including restoring his boat. When he’s not busy with a project he is loving on his sweet ol’ pooch, Josey, who enjoys going for long walks and hogging the bed. James attends Worthington Christian Church where his father is the Care Minister.
James looks forward to working with a capable veterinary team with a simple mission fueled by honest leadership. His goal is to never lose sight of what is important – the care provided for each patient and their owners and to always respect the deep bond between the two. By working with On The Spot, he enjoys being able to provide a way for lame dogs to run again to pet parents who may not otherwise have been able to afford it. Being an affordable mobile business presents many unique challenges and James is continually providing solutions for even the toughest problems. Simply put, he’s here to help.
Anisha, RVT

Anisha, RVT


Anisha, expert Registered Veterinary Technician, is an absolute pleasure to work with! Rest assured, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to advocating for only the best patient care, client service and taking care of her team. Anisha knew that joining On The Spot came with the perks of working in a fast paced environment and with a team of humble pet lovers. She values working with superiors who recognize those who work hard and maintain good work ethics in a healthy team-oriented environment.
Anisha holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social & Behavioral Science with a Double Minor in Disability Studies & Sexuality from The Ohio State University. Following her passions and talents of taking care of furry families and their humans, she earned an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Columbus State Community College. Becoming a licensed Veterinary Technician was not only an educational accomplishment but also a great honor, as Anisha is so proud to be able to provide the best care for pets and their people.
Anisha grew up in the bustling city of Toledo, Ohio. She now shares her Columbus home with her husband Mike and two beautiful, energetic, and talented daughters, Shanti and Devi. They have had many furry best friends and companions over the years, truly valuing the loyalty and comfort that these fur babies bring to our lives! Rolo, their mischievous beagle mix, brings much joy to their household. Anisha and her family enjoy lots of outdoor activities including camping under the stars, biking in parks, and hitting the slopes on the most beautiful hills and mountains around! She values many deep relationships that she’s formed with friends and family over the years. Anyone who is a friend of Anisha has a friend and solid support system for life.
Anisha wants nothing more than to laugh with her team, and boy, does she bring joy to the workplace!! Her daily goals are to take worry off the client’s shoulders and to give each client peace of mind about their fur babies having surgery with On The Spot. She values holding a stable position and career in the veterinary field with good teamwork and moral ethics. Education is very important to Anisha, as she takes direction in learning new skills and tasks very well. No stone will be left unturned if there is any question that Anisha has in regard to caring for pets and their people!



This outdoorsy girl from Brooklyn, NY oozes with love for each and every pet that she cares for at On The Spot! From kennel technician to surgery technician, she has done it all, loving on your pets for almost 20 years! Erin met Dr. Reynolds and On The Spot when her pooch Wesley tore his CrCL. With the mission statement of a providing the best and most affordable care for surgery patients, Erin was thankful to be able to take care of Wesley and not forgo his care due to the astronomical costs of orthopedic surgery in the Central Ohio. Torn knees are way too common for these poor pups and Erin is grateful to be part of a team that provides this service at your vet!
Erin holds a Veterinary Technician degree from Penn Foster. She is diligently studying to earn her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician this winter.
Growing up surrounded by cats and dogs, Erin developed a resilient passion for working with animals. Since the day she began talking, she declared she would work for a Vet! During high school, she completed internships at two veterinary hospitals which further confirmed her desire to work in the veterinary field. Erin has worked in small animal general practices for several years, applying her knowledge of taking care of pets and bonding with clients to build trust that they are in the best care with On The Spot. Surgery is extremely scary for pet and their families! Rest assured, this experienced veterinary assistant will take only the best care of your fur babies. She draws from her knowledge having worked in an animal shelter where she was able to build a special bond with each animal – taking care of them like they were her own. We are truly blessed to have such a compassionate veterinary assistant on our team.
Erin has lived around the world, including Hong Kong and Germany. She grew up in Worthington, OH, spent some time in Wyoming, traveled out of the country, and finally settled down in Powell, OH with her husband and two beautiful daughters Hayden & Amelia. They share their home with the three rescue pups - Wesley, Winnie, and Mack. When Erin is not holding down the fort at home, she enjoys spending time outdoors, which includes adventures on four wheelers, camping and hiking! Her ideal vacation is relaxing on the beach or at their family lake house. She also enjoys a good game of basketball or volleyball and finds it necessary to practice & teach yoga to maintain a balanced life.
Erin’s goal for On The Spot is to implement a Christ-like love that pet parents and other clinics feel as soon as the team walks in the door. She desires to create deep relationships all around Ohio, where each person feels like they have a friend for life. When pets are left in her care, Erin wants to ensure that pet parents confidently know that she is treating them as if they were her own. From the time that pet parents leave the clinic she wants them to have peace of mind that Erin is on duty and their furry baby is HER priority. Erin believes in taking every step and making every effort for pets to be comfortable coming to the veterinary office, no matter how long it takes. Her goal aligns with the core values of On The Spot - to make sure that every client not only knows, but also sees in action that we are here to do everything in the best interest of their pet.
Sam, RVT

Sam, RVT


Sam joined the On The Spot Team for one reason and one reason alone – she is Super Tech! What does that mean!? She is one of the most versatile Registered Veterinary Technicians around with the broadest range of skills on the team. A true “plug and play technician”, she thrives in absolutely any veterinary environment and knows exactly how to take the best care of your fur babies.
Highly educated and motivated to always be learning more, Sam holds an Associate’s Degree from Columbus State in Veterinary Technology and a Bachelor’s Degree from Otterbein in Equine Veterinary Technology. She is currently pursuing a Veterinary Technician Specialty in Emergency and Critical Care, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Health.
From a barn assistant, to kennel technician, to the rockstar RVT she is today, Sam extends her skillset to all facets of the veterinary world, serving at three job locations: general practice RVT, emergency medicine RVT and orthopedic surgery RVT. Sam is truly a passionate pet lover and hard worker, sharing her talents with the world.
Born and raised in the Columbus area, Sam has lived here her entire life. She’s an amazing wife, dog mom, and cool Aunt in addition to the Super Tech we’ve come to know and appreciate. She currently shares her home in Gahanna with her husband, 4 dogs and 3 cats. They enjoy hiking and watching movies. On the perfect summer night, you can catch Sam at a concert (Taylor Swift) or checking out the best breweries and wineries around! Being the skilled hands-on technician that she is, Sam also enjoys hands-on projects around the house.
As an experienced RVT in small animal emergency/critical care department at OSU, Sam has found a special niche in veterinary emergency medicine and is most passionate about caring for patients in this environment. She loves working with critical cases, even when they end in euthanasia. She prides herself in trying to make every veterinary experience positive for both the owner and their pet, no matter how stressful the situation may be. Sam looks forward to earning her Veterinary Technician Specialty in Emergency and Critical Care and continuing to serve pets and their people with her surgical expertise through On The Spot Vet Surgery.
Kayla, RVT

Kayla, RVT


Kayla is a small-town girl born and raised in Newark, Ohio, who brings all of her love, careful attention and expert veterinary technician skills to the fur babies at On The Spot Vet Surgery! Kayla was looking for just the right veterinary home base with a boss who inspires a positive work environment with job sustainability in mind. Dr. Reynolds is a family friend and has treated one of Kayla’s most beloved pets, sweet Peggy!
After graduating from Licking Valley High, Kayla went on to earn her Associates degree in Veterinary Technology at Bradford Schools! She has a special interest in physical therapy for pets and hopes to study this in the future.
Prior to her career in the veterinary field, Kayla’s customer service skills and hard-working spirit developed from her job at a popular frozen custard shop! She spent five years working in a general veterinary practice serving both cats and dogs in wellness appointments, medical visits and assisting in surgeries. Since she was a wee child, she knew she would be working with animals in her career in some capacity! Kayla is a fast learner who can multi-task and get the job when duty calls!
A seasoned CrossFit expert, Kayla enjoys working out to keep her body and mind in shape alike! She has been deemed the best Aunt ever and enjoys spending time with friends and family. Her furry family includes sweet Peggy, a 3-legged Mastiff, Jax the protective Great Dane, and Ollie, an Aussie Shepherd mix who is an anxious ball of lovable energy.
Kayla looks forward to providing clients comprehensive information about their pet’s health and to be able to educate them about their pet’s care in everything related to orthopedic surgery!

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Trustworthy vet surgery focusing on ACL, TPLO and orthopedics at highly competitive, affordable pricing compared to central Ohio animal hospitals.


Dog ACL/CCL Repair
– TPLO Surgery
– Lateral Suture Correction
Luxating Patella Corrections
Soft Tissue Procedures

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