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In Dr. Reynolds' five years of practice as both an emergency veterinarian and a general practitioner, he has seen the need to have additional options for elective orthopedic cases. For this reason, two years ago he began performing TPLOs, lateral sutures, and patella luxation repairs. Dr. Reynolds' continuing education and training over the past three years has been focused entirely on orthopedic surgery, honing the skills necessary to properly perform these surgeries for his clients and patients.

  • Pet ACL/CCL Injuries
    • TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) Surgery for Dogs
    • Lateral Suture Correction for smaller dogs
  • Luxating Patella Corrections
  • Various Soft Tissue Surgeries for dogs and cats

What We Offer

With cost of referral for elective orthopedics on the rise, we provide your clients the option to stay in your clinic to have these procedures performed. This option allows your clients the opportunity to stay where they and their pets are most comfortable, all while paying less for the
procedure. Our services also provide your clinic the opportunity to retain revenue that is most often sent to referral hospitals. Included in our costs is our time, our two technicians’ time, plate, screws, surgical supplies (gowns, gloves, drapes, suture, blades, etc..), the use of our equipment, and follow up. We require the use of your x-ray machine, surgery room, injectable medications, anesthesia machine, and “go home” medications. Your clients save money and have their pet home quickly – we provide the surgical care and equipment.


Due to the elective nature of these cases, scheduling is designed to be convenient for your clinic. We utilize days that your surgery room is either not utilized or is “under-utilized” in order to provide an additional revenue stream for your business.

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About Us

Trustworthy vet surgery focusing on ACL, TPLO and orthopedics at highly competitive, affordable pricing compared to central Ohio animal hospitals.


Dog ACL/CCL Repair
– TPLO Surgery
– Lateral Suture Correction
Luxating Patella Corrections
Soft Tissue Procedures

About Us